2-7:  well, there is not much news...tour was a blast, go to the "tour" section to read the complete journal review of our tour with if one should fall.  we don't have many or any shows lined up right now, if you want us to play let me know.  jerrady@hotmail.com . until then.....peace out.
1-17:  i guess it's been a while since i updated...people have been bitching.  but there is  actually news now.  the show we played a while back with the nothings was a fun time i think....it's been a while. we have a short winter tour planned with our friends if one should fall....check out the shows page for some more info.  all that trash i was talking about us not playing at all in january was just a big lie, we actually didn't even get chance to write anymore, i got deathly sick, chad had to get surgery so he was out for a while, kevin was gone to college or whatever, jason got a job, and jake went to florida for a couple weeks, and hung out with the guitar player for def lepard in some paint shop.  it sounded like fun.  a plug...the pale face mob debut full length cd is out.  send  jake (glooscap4@aol.com ) a mail if you're interested in hearing the best rap group outta muskegon since the guild.  check back soon for a huge amount of good pictures. that's prolly it..peace
12-22:  show tonight, you would be cool if you came.  we're not playing again for a while.  we're takeing time off to write new stuff...hopefully some songs will come from that  :)  we're gonna be on some comps coming out sometime soon.  but don't be surprised if those never come out.  that seems to be our luck with comps.  stay up.
12-10:  thank you anyone who came to the show at the ice pick last night.  we had a fun time, and i hope all of you did too.  we experimented with sound samples, didn't work out to well, since our sound guy couldn't use his headphones and he couldn't hear through the pa.  i watched the top tweeter of the pa fall onto a mass of people, sorry if anyone got hurt.  it was your own damn fault for being such a rowdy group of kids when you dance. but it was a fun time for all, we have one cd left...if anyone knows the where abouts of my 16" zildjian Z custom crash cymbal, please let me(jerrady@hotmail.com ) know.  it disappeared after our last show with the normal freaks. and i also put up some pics from the halloween show with the normal freaks, so check those out and let me know what you think. please come to our next show with the nothings...it'll be at the ice pick, and it'll more than likely be the last (and best) show we do in a while. much love...

11-19:  thanks to all who came to see us at sherman, sorry we weren't there.  jake and i were caught in a traffic jam and didn't get back into muskegon until late.  please check out our next two shows at the ice pick, because i have a feeling those are going to be two really really fun shows.  we have 9 fall of every man cds left.  if you want one get it now, because we probably won't make anymore (6 songs/6 dollars).  we're going all   november, and all january with no shows in an effort to create new stuff.  so if you want to see us again this year, you have to go to our december shows because it will be a while before we play again.  i'm sure no one cares, but i don't care that you don't care.
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