past shows...
# Location Date Bands
1 Annex(L.C. Walker Arena) Muskegon, MI 5.14.99 big wheels, rappers guild, and a lot more
2 Montague Township Hall Montague, MI 7.30.99 big wheels, field trip, j.t. law
3 Palmer Hall Muskegon, MI 9.3.99 big wheels, with arms still empty, live with it, victims of another lie
4 Palmer Hall Muskegon, MI 11.26.99 john brown battery, with arms still empty, the silence of fall, the gate theory, now she's gone
5 Ice Pick Muskegon, MI 12.25.99 badcocks
6 The Spider Trap Clio, MI 1.21.00 counterpart, project 420
7 The Spider Trap Clio, MI 1.22.00 counterpart, 40 flee, project 420 +more
--- 10 Weston Grand Rapids, MI 2.18.00 hunter rose, forstella ford, silence of fall, with arms still empty, the sutek conspiracy(we had to cancel)
8 Arco Iris/Total Sphung
Grand Rapids, MI
2.25.00 bad cocks, coin
9 Reeths Puffer High School Muskegon, MI 4.29.00 apollo, contra, hoodwink
10 Montague Band Shell Montague, MI 5.27.00 big wheels, hoodwink, dashboard lucas, pushing tin
--- Cleveland Rd.
Claybanks Twp., MI
6.3.00 negative x (police came...made us stop)
11 Sonyas Barn Rothbury, MI 6.10.00 us only
12 Ginas House Montague, MI
6.12.00 hoodwink
13 Brians House
WhiteRiver Twp., MI
6.17.00 us only
The Band Shell Fruitport, MI
dashboard lucas, wack trucks, hoodwink+more
Jerrads House Montague, MI
cine mensura, senile citizens
Casebolts Pole Barn
Rothbury, MI
senile citizens, noahs emo band...
17 Arco Iris Grand Rapids, MI 7.28.00
bad cocks, the jobbers 
18 Naomis house Montague, MI 7.29.00
hoodwink, negative x
19 The Intersection Grand Rapids, MI 8.9.00
the jobbers, the ever dead
20 Shelby Pavilion Shelby, MI 8.18.00
big wheels, if one should fall, donkey punch, somnifashion w/special guests miami death machine

The Bandshell Fruitport, MI

static sun, holloway, dashboard lucas, hoodwink, faith taxi
22 Caseolts House Rothbury, MI 9.2.00
negative x
23 Arco Iris Grand Rapids, MI 9.23.00
don knotts, zero carisma, north lincoln +more
24 Sherman Auditorium Muskegon, MI 10.7.00 static sun, miami death machine, the big wheels, if one should fall, the american drama, fear of dreams
25 Ice Pick Muskegon, MI 10.28.00 normal freaks
26 Ice Pick Muskegon, MI 12.9.00
miami death machine
27 Ice Pick Muskegon, MI 12.22.00
the nothings

Wired Frog Detroit, MI

if one should fall, the fisherman, el camino car crash, azorotn 
29 Raintree Plaza Marion, IN 1.26.01
if one should fall, pale skeeter, kummode, the resistance
30 Scotts House Glen ellyn, IL 1.27.01
if one should fall, kurrosawa, oroku saki, the further along
31 The Pulse Muskegon, MI  2.18.01
poject 420, the smilling villians, side effect
32 The Elbow Room Ypsilanti, MI 4-28-01 youth corpse, sin embargo
--- Flint Local 432 Flint, MI 5-25-01 haf baked, untermenchen, insickur, uplift, the american drama
33 Tri-County Hall Rothbury, MI 6-1-01 johnny smokes a lot
34 Fruitport Bandshell Fruitport, MI 6-2-01 los mochias, the big wheels, lotus leaf, leaf, grounder, the antics
35 The Apocalypse Constantine, MI 6-9-01 soul soap, stitch 7, annabel lee, bestiarty
36 Montague Township Hall Montague, MI 6-28-01 ugly sid, panophobics, cheapskate, apollo, pearly and the jazzbos
37 Sherman Auditorium Muskegon, MI 6-29-01 fold, friction

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