we'd like to thank, kevin for helping us, james from the silence of fall, the american drama, and gabriel, for being the male prostitute we can always depend on, for having a sister that knows stuff he doesn't, and for letting me ask him endless questions about things that don't even matter in the real world. yann from with arms still empty and kill you for a dollar rec. for helping me out with a ton of stuff. matt and everyone else from project 420 for the shows, brandon and the badcocks for the arco shows and the only good pictures we have, mark from the pick for having the best shows in the world and letting us play at some of them, the intersection, dan matthew's, and everyone from don knotts for the fun show, and for having my back, matthew for the show at the wired frog, isaac from marion, scott from glen ellyn, george hanis from the pulse, leighton from the elbow room, aaron from stitch 7 for the show at the apocalypse, jason from cheepskate for the twp. show, and anyone who let us ruin their house (sonya, gina, brian, kevin, naomi etc..). and anyone else who's gotten us a show. mike nummerdor for promoting and pictures. ricky for letting me borrow his shit when i break mine, the wack trucks for letting us use their bass amp, and their sticks when all of ours broke, the wizo for letting us use his blazer to travel across the state in, sean and lindsay for the pictures, tim pak...not much to say except oh my god you are the fucking man. and anyone else who's taken the time out to watch us play, and anyone who's played with us. but the biggest shout out of them all goes to the big wheels, yeah...we down.

we'd like to thank the big wheels, field trip/hoodwink, j.t. law, with arms still empty, live with it, victims of another lie, john brown battery, the silence of fall, the gate theory, bad cocks, counterpart, project 420, coin, apollo, contra, dashboard lucas, pushing tin, wack trucks, cine mensura, senile citizens, the jobbers, negative x, the ever dead, if one should fall, donkey punch, somnifashion, miami death machine, static sun, holloway, faith taxi, don knotts, zero carisma, north lincoln, the american drama, fear of dreams, normal freaks, the nothings, the fishermen, el camino car crash, azorotn, pale skeeter, kummode, the resistance, kurrosawa, oroku saki, the further along, the smiling villians, side effect, sin embargo, youth corpse, johnny smokes a lot, los mochias, lotus leaf, leaf, grounder, the antics, soul soap, stitch 7, annabel lee, bestiarty, ugly sid, panophobics, cheapskate, friction, fold and anyone else i may have forgot that we've played with.

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