jake wisneski-vocals

jerrad yaw-drums

jason kriesel-bass

chad koehler-guitar

kevin brand-guitar/vocals
Alchemy was formed around June of '99.. On May 14, 1999 they played their first show at The Annex in Muskegon without a name..then decided it should be Alchemy. After Jake and Jerrads' previous bands, Cogs and Brown Bag were nothing to brag about, or even worth listening to..they decided to form a new band, a band that had the sound that they were after all along, a heavy, loud, aggressive blast of sound with screamy vocals blah blah etc... So they got Jason Kriesel who played guitar for them back when they were brown bag to grab a bass. Then they found Chad Koehler who (at the time) was playing with another band called summit. After a few practices Chad fit right in. Alchemy was almost complete..but something wasn't right, something was missing (what could it be?? oh geesh, the suspense is killing me?? 2+2 DOES NOT equal 5..[demonstrated in this greater gater mathematical equation]2+2<5). After about a month they found what they were looking for when Kevin Brand joined the band. He also plays with The Big Wheels, and Fold. Kevin added a more full sound to the band with another guitar and great back up vocals, not to mention his whore-like singing voice. They (self) recorded a short 6 song demo in June of '99 which was released 7.30.99 at their Montague Twp. Hall show with their friends Field Trip, turned Hoodwink, turned RIP, and the Big Wheels. Then recorded at The Woodshed with Tim Pack March 4th and 5th of '00. The CD Fall of Every Man was sold first to Nathan Dean of the former Hoodwink (RIP) on either May 5th or 6th of '00. This was at a show they were suppose to play at the Grand Haven Eagles etc...They received the Peoples Choice award at the Muskegon battle of the bands on April 29th, even though they suck. They've played around 35 shows, completed their first short tour in the winter of '01 with their friends If One Should Fall and are planning on touring more and recording their first full length sometime in 2001. woohoo, good for them etc...

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