yellow demo
got into a copfight so i got to do what's right callin up my friends the shit is goin down tonight bring ya gun time for fun time for them to run join the kids start a riot everyone should try it all this shit is free when your workin with me bring ya gun time for fun time for them to run

-green moon.
one night when the moon was green 'round the corner came the poop machine shot was fired scream was heard lady got hit with a flying tird wowowowo, he is a dick he is a prick where's the cement he's gonna catch a brick poop-ma-chine

-jerk factory.
you should stop your blindness the factory is where you'll find us you should stop your blindness i think everyone could care less stop your blindness no more kindness just when i got some answers for you you come back with something new lent my ear for an hour or two now i know that you are screwed jerk just when i thought you were nice i touch your soul all i feel is ice just when you thought you were right they turn around and pick a fight your expression says it all like yer all never gonna fall like yer the best person alive your a jerk till the day you die

-infamy theory.
i've got a gun under my bed gotta put one in your head gotta bring it to school cuz ya think i'm not cool i was on the outside it was like i had died see the list there's his name media frantically points the blame news coverage and a kid seeking fame this society is fuckin insane did not like me very much no one sat by me at lunch after my attack no fuckin plaque that memory of me was wrong its your fault all along

thats what you get for messin with that shit then you throw a fit and your fuckin rich gotta get what's mine id be just fine its all bad for me nothing is for free run away to them you say there your friend they stabbed before called me your whore stabbed before straight faced when you lie you said i could die found out way to much that you don't give a fuck stayin away from you thats what i gotta do cuz now i see this shits no good for me clenched fist

-sirclaw. (also appears on fall of every man)
excessive life excessive friends mine were there in the end excessive life and pretty heads your friends betray you again. look like a lily smell like one too won't think that when he's through with you your torture climbs up levels your the rebirth you are the devil. talk your shit when i'm not around i'm not cool but i've found. funny names created for me on my pride is where you feed. your words hit like slugs to the soul. words fired from your pretty hole festers inside like mad locust watching you can't focus.

fall of every man
-no way back.
get a grip look at this what you see is a trip torn up skin busted chin what you are dead by far not my fault fate you brought can't look back there is no back ran a muck lost your luck dead by 8 meet your fate. no way back to what's been taken and there is no way back to the life i had. nothing concerns me nothing can hurt me don't care what you say i love it my way you found your way back resist its what i lack i've found my place i lie on my face. your big plans bite the hand had no right took a life make them blind fog the mind drop your soul in a hole hide your tracks kill the facts drink it down blur the sounds voice in head i'm not dead do i live negative. get a grip look at this what you see is a trip what would be turned on me can't fight back is no back.

look look at me what what is seen. you'll come to see that blindness in me can't relate the grins on your face what is this seem faceless i'll play dead to forget what's said. blind. depth perception holds more truth cause misconception staring at you from close distance things deceive these faces staring at me i never wanted another enemy. blind. i don't need your sympathy don't expect to much from me always stuck in a dream reality is something i'll never be from the outside looking in a battle i'll never win. blind i need new eyes.affliction.

in my head lies (fuck) exaggerations (fuck it) in my minds eye (fuck) there are contradictions. breaking up half dead this is my life. giving up the fight i've been betrayed by this life strung out on these doubts what am i missing that life's about feel failure everyday a missing piece was not engaged. i am not wrong (fuck) that i hate you (fuck it) not by me (fuck it) can i go to sleep? breaking up half dead this is my life. the reason you hate me i see you for what goes unseen so many times you've lied the truths that you hold are so hard to hide you live in your own world the truths will eat you you sad little girl. this is my life..breaking up half dead this is my life. fuck it...we all live in our own way i'm not afraid of our judgement day waiting for your sneak attack vicious circle rips me back when will it all come to an end one giant game of playing pretend

-fall of every man.
end fallen dead bleeding heads fates arrived from broken skies left alive to survive this war. fighting to defend a stronghold struggle in a time foretold left to live in this nightmare stuck in an endless stare a brother turned on a brother stabbed in the back by your cover no trust no love for the unsaved. war war of the governments fall death of the human war clashing angles fall of things held sacred war the face of prophecy fall the face of existence. salvation for your repentance hell unleashed on earth blood flows through their eyes father turns his back. words said to save can't be spoken in the end and your words said to defend are useless in the end and your words said to heal leave the wounds that can't be mended. salvation for your repentance hell unleashed on earth blood flows through their eyes father turns his back to the shunned. do you see lies do you feel hatred no way out of this this is eminent. walking through this broken land this scorched earth was created by man asking why is a question i feed what this world was condemned to heed by an unforgiving plague called hate can't outrun this force called fate begging and pleading for one more try the one who forgives ignores your cries. haunted by the visions of the all knowing seeing desecration create its own stem the fear of destined fate still growing prophets of doom shot down to unmask them heat of destruction falls upon our skin prepare for the foretold beginning of the end. the unbinding of destruction feel the nothing swallow our fate as crazy last thoughts snap in my head swallow our fate in the presence of certain death take your last breath swallow our fate tears stain a doomed earth screaming to a red sky i'll never swallow this fate.

-diluted elysium.
you set me up and knock me down in this charade of smiles and lies you've made it hard for me to trust you and everything in this world through your deception and lies i stay infatuated with you the act you play which you devise still i know what i want for me just you just you is all i ever need in this mixed up world is just you. just you is all i need in this world for me you just you is all i need in this world for me. giving in i give expecting nothing more than a simple bit of attention my expectations are not what gets me it's what i need that really kills me cause i don't wanna be another friend i hope for more in the end of this maybe it's time i walked away but i can't seem to shake the thought of being without you. what we could be you're blind to see so you walk away and this love turns to hate. so quit fuckin with my mind. you just you is all i need in this fucked up world for me is you just you your all i need in this fucked up world for me.

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